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Hey Guys we have fallen upon a time where our health is been tested more with the Corona Virus and Pollen Season together. In my house this is so important to me as I have two small children Aiden (who suffers from severe allergies and asthma), Riley ( Rarely get sick if she does it is a minor cold, Thank God), Me ( 13 year Cancer Survivor), so I like to keep a built up immune system and the man of the house Robert (comes in contact with various people in his line of work) so having the immune boosters essentials on hand is a must.

I posted a few of the things we use above. The Elderberry which both the kids and I take is awesome with building your immune system and for Aiden helping his allergies, it helps before and during a cold. I got the Elderberry at www.goldengunn.com. The Sea Moss which I take every other day( because I space it out from the medication that I take after having cancer) is my go to energy booster and immune builder. I bought the sea moss from a company I follow on instagram called @yournubeauty. The Black seed oil is Mines and Robert and let me say the taste is something to reckon with. We both have to wash it down with orange juice to get it down LOL. They say black seed oil cures everything but death LOL. but seriously its great and known for boosting the immune system and reducing excess mucus that causes various illness in the body. We got this particular brand Amazing Herbs Black Seed from www.amazon.com. Guys I also incorporate some Turmeric Cumin Pills, Ginger Pills and Essential alkaline water in my daily regimen. Let me know below what do your household do to stay healthy?

Black Seed Oil

Elder Berry