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Hey Guys,

We are so excited because we made a workbook. When we were told to keep the kids home, many teachers were not prepared to send their students anything home work wise. Also been that Aiden and Riley are only in Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 they did not send any at all. The first couple weeks I just used some of the work I had made for them as extra school work at home which was really just sight words and some hand writing assignments.

I soon began to realize once they said that school was not going back in until the next school year that it was time for me to go from part-time teacher to full-time teacher. I started to look on Pinterest and Google for Pre- K worksheets and came across so many good ones that were free and easy to download and print.

One day I did a Instagram story of the kids working on their school work and got so many messages from parents inquiring where did I get the assignments that I had Aiden and Riley doing. I. informed them that it was some worksheets that I came across online. I sent the parents some of worksheets thru email that same day. The next day I began working on the Pre-K3 to 5 year old workbook. I know that many parents are still working, have no access to the internet or even know how to access certain worksheets on the internet so I created a workbook to help all of us.

This workbook is free, You can direct message us on instagram @Ashleynilla,email us @ Hello@Momoverload.com or click the link below to download a copy!

Mom Overload Work Book