Who has time for that?!?!?!

My sister and nephew came over the other day and I noticed they had some funky cool shoes on!  I was intrigued.  Not because I am always trying to stay up with the trend, even though my nephew is twelve and knows whats cool and whats not.  I was intrigued because I saw an opportunity to reduce time in my very chaotic world.  Let me explain….

Mothers, how long does it take you to get out of your house with a husband and children?  Forever right?!?  And its the same conversations and routine every time.  I am constantly calling for my kids to put on shoes and coats and hats and gloves and anything I can get them to wear so they don’t get sick or in other words, at least dressed properly so I don’t get judged.  In my house, I somehow manage to get both girls fully dressed with coats, socks, shoes, hats.  I even manage to get my own shoes on.  Suddenly I look at my husband and he is still trying to get himself ready.  I should really give my husband more credit because he is amazing.  He does do a lot in our house.  But time management and multi-tasking are not two of his specialties.

Basically I am looking for anything to help take some of the time off my hands.  Let me introduce you to these amazing shoe laces called Hickies!!!

Who names shoe laces Hickies?  Clearly not someone who has received one in their life.  Anyway-  These are flexible and expandable.  And they come in fun colors.  They make it easy for you to slip those tennis shoes on so you can get out the door faster!.

I bought mine on Amazon.  They are not expensive and a great option for teenagers who cant seem to keep their shoe laces tied.  Good luck telling them you bought them some Hickies!