Seriously Shoes!?!?

Normally a women could go on and on about their shoe obsession. Well, I am here to tell you, I am no longer a fan of shoes. After having two girls and constantly buying shoes for them, I gave up my love for shoes. I would be better off just throwing my hard earned money in the trash.

How many times can I take my child to the shoe store, get her measured and find out once again she needs new shoes?  Then comes the mommy guilt.  Where her feet hurting while I had her in the wrong shoe size this whole time?

Or what about those cute little shoes you got from a baby shower?  You finally dig them out of their closet and you find they are too small.  Or even better, they aren’t too small BUT you really can only use them once or twice because lets be honest, when you have a baby, shoes are not the most thought out accessory when you are in survival mode.

Just when I thought a women’s shoe obsession could die and be buried forever, I found these little nuggets!

These are little moccasins create by a company called Freshly Picked.  If you are looking for a baby shower gift, I HIGHLY recommend these precious, perfect and everlasting shoes!  I also recommend you buy a size 3 when buying a shower gift.  Once a child hits size 3, you start thinking about shoes more. But lets talk about the reason I choose these shoes above all others:

  1.  They are adorable!  Lets be honest, you want a shoe that will take notice.  These will!  They come in so many different prints and colors.  AND, they are constantly releasing new prints for the seasons!
  2.  They last a lot longer because they are leather and can stretch.  They are easy to clean.
  3. They are a comfy fit for your child AND they are easy to put on your baby.  No shoe laces and no Velcro!

Let the shoe obsession continue!