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Hey Guys,

I know due to the Corona Virus Quarantine some of us may be down or just uncertain about everything placed in front of us, but there is always light at the end of the dark tunnel. I wanted to do something that would make the kids happy and feel good and oh yea I love to take pictures of them (I am that mama) so I planned a Spring Photo Day which they were going to have at school this year. There is nothing like a good picture day in the house with your own props, camera phone and clothes out of your closet. This also makes me happy because the only thing you are paying for is for the print pictures (Walmart Photos) that you may want to have of the photos.

First find out what everyone will wear in the picture, Aiden and Riley actually has on their spring outfits ( I usually buy spring outfits once a little heat enters the atmosphere).

Second determine if you have any props laying around the house that you can use as a good background or holding prop. I went and got my mud room pillows that I got outside in the garden area at Walmart, I found these pillows on sale all for $5 in February of this year. The yellow duck Riley is holding came out of one of their Easter Baskets a couple years back.

Third you would need to find a good place in the house with awesome lighting. Even if you have to open the curtains and blinds to find that, which is what I did. I setup the pillows and made sure to cover the wall electrical socket, so I could have a good plain back ground.

To take the photos I used my iPhone XS MAX and put the setting on Portrait.

To enhance my photos, Thanks to an awesome blogger who I follow on instagram @Asekyb I was able to find some good presets from a young lady she recommend on her webpage page.

I added the Easter Image off of the pic collage application that I downlaoded out of the apple applications store.

I will be sending the photos two ways this week. I will send them thru Text and I will send my older family members and the family members who do not have access to MMS messaging pictures that I will get made at Walmart Photos.