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Recently I started thinking what is a social life because I clearly don’t have one. I had my kids late, the reason I say this is because majority of my friends had already had kids that were a lot older than my kids. Before My kids I had an awesome social night life (I and my close friends would like to think)LOL ,Maybe it was too awesome and that’s why now I am fine with not having a social life ( somedays guys). At the age of 23 I started to waitress at a local bar called Oriley’s Bar and Grill, Man you talking about learning how to drink with the big dogs. I truly had my share of alcohol working in a bar. After becoming a waitress I eventually became a Bartender and one of the Bar Managers, so my life consists of staying out to 3 and 4am in the morning on many nights and sleeping majority of the day time.

Fast Forward to joining the Corporate world and having babies my social life completely changed, it became all about Aiden and Riley. I recently went out with my Sister and Mother (have not been out socially in years) for my sister’s birthday brunch to a place in Atlanta, Georgia off Central Ave called Corner Tavern Hapeville (I posted a cute picture of mama finally going out somewhere above). My hunny (My Knight in shining armor) took the kids out the house before me ( to Home Depot and Walmart) because he knew how the little princess would act (she is attached to my hip). She gave me one said face going out the door and I was so tempted to turn an all adult women brunch into grown women plus one 3 year old brunch smh, I know. I got myself together and left the house. Y’all when I say I had so much fun!!! Lol I just got back a little social juice to last me for a minute LOL!! Tell me guys I am I the only one who had a Social life problem after having kids?