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Hey Guys, I am I the only one trying to figure out how to set the screen time for my two little ones doing this Corona Quarantine? On the account of having two busy little ones Screen time has become important in our house. There are pros and cons to screen time. The pro is Aiden who is five years old in Pre-K ( Late birthday) School work is on a application called Splash Time ( Super awesome app) and Riley who is three ( my very avid learner) learns her school work ( from mama’s school) off of the applications Endless Wordplay, Endless Numbers and Endless Reader ( awesome apps) that you can find in the android and apple application stores. We even have started reading books on the tablets together ( which I like and their father doesn’t) He is very old – Fashioned and States he do not want the tablets teaching our kids. The Con in this matter will definitely be Aiden’s new found addiction to the Disney App ( which I love also). Riley is not as addicted as Aiden. Due to such addiction we have incorporated new screen times.

We will now use the tablets in the morning for learning and we have also incorporated flash card games, art time and PE time to make the at-home school day go by faster, and at night they are allowed one hour and 30 minutes after dinner to play with their tablets. Please let me know what are you guys doing to control your kids new screen time.