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Ok Guys, I normally pay would $140 to $160 each time that I get by hair braided. Thanks to this Quarantine I learned how to braid my own hair and it actually turned our super nice. But I found myself getting made at myself because I would literally pay someone a large amount of money to hurt my hair and also spend 4 to 6 hours on my head which is a painful headache once its done.

As soon as they announce that the schools were about to be shut down, I already knew I had to do something to my head because I was now about to be a Full Time School Teacher, Mother, Fiance and Business Owner. I went to one of my favorite places, Youtube and search for ” How to do Box Braids”. Mind you I have never in life braided my own hair before. So Many different videos came up. I just started watching quite a few of them just so I can grasp what I was suppose to do.

It was time to buy the product, and mind you guys all the beauty supply stores were closed, so I went to another one of my favorite places, Amazon. I was able to purchase my hair ( $19.67) , Foam setting lotion ($4.97) and Lets’s Jam Extra hold ($6.67). I already had my rubber bands, which is what I used because I am not sure if I am good enough to grip my hair and braid it tightly.

It took me 3 1/2 hours as my family would not let me be great LOL. But this style would have still took almost 5 hours if I would have went to someone’s shop and got it done. I am sorry guys I did not record it, but since I am not letting anyone braid my hair again. I will record it next time for that future beach trip we will all get to take once we are Quarantine FREE!

Not to brag at all Guys, But I think I did an awesome Job. Normally when I let someone braid my hair my head hurts during the process and after. Doing my own hair I felt absolutely no PAIN what so ever!! Proud Momma Moment!