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So guys I was craving a new type of nachos the other day. I did not want the traditional chicken or beef topping, so I looked in the freezer to see what other meat choice I had and there was some fresh Salmon. I Kept the traditional toppings that you would normal put on Nachos.

Grocery List:


Velveeta White Queso

Rotel Orignial ( No Salt is my preference)

White Corn

Red Onion ( purple)

Nacho Chips ( My Nacho Chips are homemade from a Authentic Mexican Restaurant in my area)

It is super easy to make. Bake your Salmon between 375 degree or 400 degree which ever you prefer. Go ahead and cook your sweet corn. Once you have done those two things you can open your Rotel and mix cut red onions inside of it.

The last thing I prepare is the White Queso Dip, I do add just a small amount of rotel mix to it also. I always cook the Dip last because I like mines hot when I pour it over the Nachos.

Once Everything is complete. You Can decide on your own ingredient placement.

and there you have it…. Let me know how you like it.