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Riley Christian was started because of the love that my daughter and I had for lip gloss LOL. Riley is three (3) years old going on 23. She loves to watch me and do everything that I do, I mean everything, Once she became two she began to evolve into a lil mini Ashley, every time I would put on lip gloss she will be right behind me begging me to put some on her. I am sure like all dads, Robert is not the best sport when it comes to Riley wearing lipgloss( typical awesome dad). It got to the point where she wanted her own lip gloss, and I said I was not going to buy a three (3) year old some lip gloss.

I began to youtube and google how to make her some lip gloss. I came across so many good videos on how to make lip gloss, I made our first lil batch for me and her, it was so good I said I can start a mini line and that’s what I did. The name Riley Christian comes from both of my babies. Riley of course is Riley’s first name and Christian is Aiden’s Middle name and there you have it Riley Christian Collection. I began researching on Pinterest and youtube different ways to make my lip gloss stand out, be long-lasting and also have a healthy concept to it. I came across a couple wonderful companies here in America that I was able to buy my flavoring and colors from and that is how I was able to make over 10 different lip glosses. We are still fairly new as I only begun advertising Jan 2020. We are dong very good and I know this is something that will become a long lasting business for me and Riley to have and bound together for years to come.

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